Saturday 29 April 2017
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24 April 2017 / 26 Rajab 1438
 Nisáb = R5,652.08
 Silver = R9.23/g (286.94/oz)
Gold = R620.49/
g (R16,869.27/oz)
Prices & Calculations include VAT



SANZAF in the news

  • SANZAF Durban Creates Awareness on Kidney Failure and Other Medical Conditions at their Senior Citizen Clinic Day, 25 April 2017 +

    The Senior Citizen Clinic Day takes place at Michelle Park, Durban and the programme with offer the following services to Read More
  • International Zakah Conference radio advert + Read More
  • SANZAF Durban's Fundraising Dinner +

    Tune in live to radio Al Ansaar tonight at 18h30 until 20h30 to listen live to SANZAF Durban's Fundraising Dinner: Read More
  • SANZAF Western Cape is Hosting an International Zakah Conference on the 5 and 6 May 2017 +

  • SANZAF Launches Operation Winter Warmth Campaign 2017 +

  • Durban Fundraising Dinner +

    Support SANZAF’s projects and programmes by attending our Fundraising Dinner at NMJ Islamic Centre, Morningside, Durban. Save the date: Wednesday, Read More
  • SANZAF’s Fundraising Breakfast in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens +

    SANZAF hosted a fundraising Breakfast in the Park at the Old Mutual Conference and Exhibition Centre in Kirstenbosch.Those in attendance Read More
  • Support SANZAF for sustainable change +

  • Remember to Conserve our Resources +

    During the current water crisis in South Africa, it is imperative that one remembers to conserve our natural resources, even Read More
  • January's edition of Muslim Views +

    Check out January's edition of Muslim Views page 27, 30 and 32 for the latest happenings at SANZAF. Read More
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Annual Report 2016

The South African National Zakah Fund is pleased to share our latest Annual Report with you covering our audited financial statements and accomplishments for the year ended 31 May 2016 / 24 Shaban 1437

Annual Report 2016


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Blog - Zakah in Action

  • The art of giving gracefully +

    WHILST the niyyah, or intention, underlies every action – good or bad – every action is accompanied by adab, which Read More
  • Why Zakat? Perspectives, purposes and objectives +

    By Shaykh Hasan al-Banna | Islamic Institute for Development and Research IN the Islamic conception, the cosmos as a whole and Read More
  • Zakat in action - SANZAF enters the blogosphere +

    ZAKAT is said to be the most neglected of Islam’s five pillars. Described as a purification of wealth, it is Read More
  • SANZAF Daily Iftaar Programmes +

    SANZAF Western Cape in partnership with the Muslim Youth Movement (MYM) served lovely hot nutritious meals and treats for Iftaar Read More
  • Kimberley Office reaches out to locals +

    SANZAF's Kimberley Office served delicious akhni to residents in the Greenpoint Locality on Sunday 9 August where they fed about Read More
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Conference videos now online

Edited videos from SANZAF’s two day conference on Awqaf, Zakah and Microfinance as Tools for Empowerment are now available online. Click here for links to the videos


SANZAF realises that poverty can be alleviated through a focus on knowledge and skills training. this leads to economic prosperity and quality of life for the beneficiary. The SANZAF Education Empowerment and Development (SEED) Programme is a means for SANZAF to shift its focus from basic welfare to a development and empowerment approach. SEED is a means of creating a brighterfuture, transforming the lives of children and youth. The Fund recognises that education is multi-faceted and requires a dynamic approach, from early childhood, to high school and tertiary level, as well as providing opportunities for post graduate research

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