Monday 22 January 2018

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2013diarysSANZAF is offering special discounts on advertising in the 2012 Diary. These discounts are intended to make it attractive to all businesses during economically challenging times whilst still supporting projects in aid of the poor and the needy. Remember your contribution helps us to publish the only annual planning tool of its kind in South Africa.

The SANZAF diary is more than just a year-book with pages for daily appointments. After 26 years the diary has been developed into a powerful tool for the executive, scholar, housewife and a range of other users. Its most important unique feature is that it integrates the Islamic calendar and the Gregorian calendar, so that your life as a Muslim is organised with full cognisance of its various personal, professional, religious and other dimensions.

The diary also contains twenty-seven significant Islamic dates and events for the year, regional Saláh (Prayer) times for main cities in South Africa, and various article and information on Zakáh.

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A5 Diary Bulk Order Application 2014

Please contact our Diary Project Office at 021 447 0297 or KZN - 031 309 6786, Gauteng 011 834 6046, PMBG 033 3979133, PE 041 457 1459, Kimberley 053 831 2758 for further details.

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