Sunday 25 February 2018
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Durban’s PROJECT RAHMA: Caring for the Health and Wellbeing of the Elderly

SANZAF has consistently implemented the traditions of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) in preserving and perpetuating the esteem of our Senior Citizens by retaining and reviving their rightful place in society.

Divine Law impresses upon humankind to perform their duties towards parents and the elderly and as such it is obligatory upon individuals, members of a family unit and the Ummah at large to ensure that parents and the elderly are treated fairly and with dignity. To this effect the Noble Quran makes pertinent reference to old age and the ageing process in the following injunction:

“It is He who created you (all in a state of weakness), and then after weakness, ordains strength (for you) and then, after (a period of) strength ordains (old age), and He alone is All-knowing and Infinite in His Power.” (Quran, 30:54)

According to the vast majority of scholars of Tafseer, the Quran invariably reveals that the utmost respect and care must be accorded toward the elderly in terms of health care, social welfare, psychological treatment, education and other aspects pertaining to their wellbeing.

A large number of our elderly people are either placed in homes or abandoned by their families and lead a lonely and desolate life.

With a meagre pension of R1600, they can barely make ends meet. Basic necessities such as medicines, special dietary foods and frail care have instead become a luxury for these senior citizens. Being sympathetic towards the plight of the senior citizens, SANZAF Durban has devised an initiative entitled PROJECT RAHMA to assist senior citizens with their special needs.

SANZAF encourages the Ummah to participate in assisting to improve the health and wellbeing of our senior citizens by supporting Project Rahma.

For more contact our Durban office at: 031 309 6786

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