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Dear Stakeholders

The impact of COVID-19 has undeniably changed South Africa and the rest of the world.  The reality of what is occurring in our country and around the world is difficult to comprehend as the situation evolves rapidly.  The virus is now spreading all over our country with over 1200 positive cases and 2 reported deaths.  We pray to the Almighty to protect us all. 

As SANZAF CEO, you have my personal commitment that we are doing our level best to deliver on our mandate of serving those in need whilst implementing responsible safety and security measures for our staff and volunteers in order to minimize the risk of an exacerbated spread of the virus.

To this end, we are doing some things a little differently.  Our offices are on lockdown, but we have provided emergency numbers per area so you are still able to reach us in an emergency.  We have also placed our development and training programmes on hold for now.  Similarly, our feeding schemes are more focussed on the provision of food hampers than the distribution of meals.  This is to ensure that we adhere to the health and safety guidelines of social distancing and to avoid drawing crowds.  Our online portals and website remain active as we find digital platforms becoming the preferred means of communicating and transacting.

Those of our team members who are tasked with the collection and delivery of food items have been provided with the necessary protective gear, such as safety suits, gloves, masks as well as sanitisers to use regularly, particularly for “high – touch” items and areas.  We do not want to place our team in harm’s way and are implementing the necessary safety protocols to protect those who are in the field, This arrangement is being monitored and should the situation demand that we revisit this, we will update you of any changes.

Many of our regional offices are collaborating with local government structures and partner organisations to ensure that the relief effort is coordinated, that we reach as many as possible and avoid potential duplication.  Through this process we can make a greater impact in the lives of those most affected by this pandemic.  Sadly, the need out there is overwhelming.  We find more families that would otherwise have been able to survive, falling destitute due to the lockdown.  So we continue to appeal to you to support us in this trying time and to help us make an impact by contributing to our emergency relief efforts.

We are bracing ourselves for difficult times ahead and we request your patience and understanding in the event that service levels are not maintained from time to time due to the constraints and circumstances emanating from the prevention, containment and even treatment of the COVID-19 virus.

At all times, we will do our best to ensure that the interests of our team, our beneficiaries, our donors and partners are kept top of mind throughout.

SANZAF will continuously be in touch with you to update you on developments around COVID-19 that affects us and our ability to do our work. 

We pray to the Almighty that the situation will improve soon and we are hopeful that all South Africans will pull together and do their part in fighting this pandemic.

In these unprecedented times we need to stay calm, be positive, and do what we have been mandated to do: uphold the 3rd pillar of Islam so that we can meet the needs of those who have rights over us – the poor and the needy.  We beseech your duahs that the Almighty place blessings in our effort and ease the burdens of those afflicted.

Stay safe, stay well, and take care.

Fi Amaanilah

Yasmina Francke

Help Make an Impact during the COVID-19 Lockdown Period

Through the grace of the Almighty and your generosity we are working hard to make an impact to those less fortunate during this period. The need to assist the most vulnerable during this period continues to increase .

SANZAF operations across the country are working hard to assist the less fortunate, sick and elderly through coordinated efforts with local organisations and regional municipalities.

We urge you to assist us by contributing any amount to our efforts.

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Thursday 26 March 2020


Operation SA and the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) have launched an emergency fundraising drive to assist with essential food items to the vulnerable and destitute during the 21-day national lockdown.

The two NPO’s have called on South Africans to “dig deep into their pockets.”

In a joint statement, Operation SA’s Yusuf Abramjee and SANZAF’s National Executive Board member and past Chairman, Shauket Fakie said “it was time for a collective response to the emergency.”

Discussions have taken place with the Acting Gauteng Social Development MEC, Panyaza Lesufi and officials.

“For this initiative, we will be calling for non-Zakah donations from the public and sourcing the essential items from manufacturers and wholesalers. These products will be delivered directly to the central Gauteng Government warehouse in Johannesburg from where it will be packaged and distributed by the Department and distributed to the most vulnerable areas”, said Fakie.

Abramjee appealed to companies also to come forward and donate essential items. We need many, many truckloads. The need is massive”. The two organizations said they have a 100 percent donation policy.

A team of representatives from Operation SA and SANZAF will oversee the collection and distribution of the essential items in partnership with the Gauteng Social Services Department. They visited the warehouse this afternoon and said: it’s all systems go. All distribution will be done by the Social Development Department.

Fakie, former SA Auditor General, said “we will have checks and balances in place with the Gauteng Government to ensure the aid reaches those in need and that all processes are followed.” Fakie and Abramjee will oversee the team, assisted by Operation SA’s Yaseen Theba and Ibrahim Dockrat from Laudium Disaster Management and SANZAF’s Gauteng Regional Chairperson, Amina Gani and Gauteng Regional Manager, Imtiaz Jhetam. Theba will co-ordinate logistics and operations of deliveries to the warehouse.

MEC Lesufi said: “The poor deserve care and support especially during this 21 days of shutdown. We welcome this partnership.” Lesufi said the essentials required include: Maize meal, Samp, Instant soft porridge, Cooking Oil, Pilchard, Soya, Sugar, Beans, Salt and Multi-Purpose Bar Soap.

Abramjee said the #OperationCovid19 fund has kicked-off with R50 000 thanks to a donation from Laudium Disaster Management.

Multichoice has announced that it would contribute R400 000 in food supplies- “This is a critical intervention in aid of the most vulnerable” Calvo Mawela, CEO MCG.

Another such proudly South African company that has already contributed R100,000 to this cause is Profmed Medical Aid. Its CEO, Craig Comrie says, "We #BelieveInSouth Africa, her people and we are committed to contributing to our community and digging deep, while we are all exposed to this most unprecedented of circumstances. Thank you to Operation SA and SANZAF."

Fakie and Abramjee called on other NGOs and charities to feel free to join the drive and donate to the fund.

“We are all in this together. Let’s work together to make sure the aid reaches the many in need and urgently.”

Donations can be made to:
SANZAF Fordsburg
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Fordsburg
Branch Code: 250655
Account No: 62283944463
Reference: Your Details & COVID19

Online donations can also be made on the SANZAF website at

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Important Notice - COVID-19


SANZAF honours volunteer for 25 years of service

The South African National Zakah Fund is extremely thankful to be able to attract dedicated and passionate volunteers.

Every year we celebrate the commitment and loyalty of the people that dedicate their time to SANZAF.

Earlier today, we had the opportunity to honour Saarah Sakildien who volunteered and taught children and adults alike to recite the holy Quran. She was also part of the outreach and fundraising iniatives in the Western Cape.

The 25 years of service plaque was presented to her

to commemorate her commitment and loyalty.

The recognition of service was awarded by SANZAF’s CEO Yasmina Francke.

*The Dawah and Tarbiyyah is an integral part of the SANZAF Education, Empowerment and Development (SEED) Programme and forms part of the Islamic Studies Pillar. 

The Messenger of Allah said: “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it” (al – Bukhari)

 IMG 20200226 WA0003

Pictured from left to right Yasmina Francke, Saarah Sakildien, Insaaf Osman and Faeza Govind

#GiveHope and get your tax benefit

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What’s Going On?

The current financial year ends on 29 February 2020, which means tax payers only have a month to ensure they get a tax benefit from making a donation to an approved non-profit organisation.

How Do I Get a Tax Benefit from Making a Donation?

SANZAF is registered as a Section 18A Public Benefit Organisation (PBO number 930001714). As a result of this registration, SANZAF is authorized by SARS to issue its donors with a Section 18A tax certificate/receipt upon request. This will allow the donor to claim their donations as a tax deduction. In this way, as a donor, you are able to assist SANZAF help those displaced from their businesses and homes and also obtain a tax benefit in doing so. 

How does it work?

Donors can obtain a tax deduction (limited to 10% of their taxable income in a fiscal year) in respect of the total donations made to approved organisations such as SANZAF. In order to do so the donation has to be supported by a receipt from SANZAF.

As an example, if a donor earns R100 000 taxable income per annum and during that year had donated R10 000 to a PBO then the donor qualifies for a tax deduction of R10 000 from their total taxable income. This means that in this example, the donor would not have to pay tax on R100 000 (total taxable income for the year) but rather R90 000 (R100 000 – donation of R10 000) for that year.

What Do I Do?

  1. Make a contribution to one of our many projects or programmes which change lives locally.
  2. Then claim a Section 18A certificate by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ticking the Section 18A box on our online donation form.
  3. One of our dedicated staff from the accounts department will be sure to send you your section 18A certificate.
  4. This can be used when filing your tax return to claim your deduction as a tax benefit

Remember only contributions made to local causes and projects qualify as a tax deduction, any gratuitous cash or in kind donation made to SANZAF for the undertaking of qualifying public benefit activities within South Africa can be claimed as an income tax deduction by the donor.  Donations to an organisation that uses the money for a cause outside of Africa do not qualify for a Section 18A certificate. Your contribution must have been made in the current financial year to qualify as a deduction on upcoming tax return.

What Does This Mean?

Not only are you able to assist SANZAF to #GiveHope but also claim a tax benefit for your contributions!


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SANZAF Chairperson and CEO embark on National Roadshow

SANZAF Chairperson and CEO embark on National Roadshow SANZAF National Chairperson, Fayruz Mohamed and CEO Yasmina Francke travelled to Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal as part of a national roadshow. Their objective was to present highlights from our Annual report and Audited Financials for 2019 to stakeholders, staff, media partners and contributors in these respected regions.

The trip gave them the opportunity to review operations on the ground as well as partake in many of our regional projects such as the food programme in Pietermaritzburg and the Durban Chef School.

To find out more information on these amazing initiatives take a look at our Annual Report 2019

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SANZAF Third Pillar Building Project : Property Purchase and Development

SANZAF has for the last 45 years operated to Give Hope to those less fortunate by ensuring the effective and efficient collection and distribution of Zakah. We have concluded a sale agreement to acquire  the property at 3 Thornton Rd which is adjacent to our current office in Thornton Road.  This is strategic for SANZAF as it allows SANZAF to easily extend its operations from its adjacent facility.  Furthermore, it will allow SANZAF to consolidate its operations in the Western Cape from an iconic site that is well known, centrally located and accessible. The consolidation of its operations will save costs and could optimize SANZAF’s other property assets for future income-generation to sustain its operations and projects.

For more information on this project, the “Third Pillar Building Project” please click on

To contribute any amount or as Sadaqah Jariyah Donate Here

Please note Sadaqah and Lillah only

This Muharram, give an everlasting gift ????

With SANZAF you can gift a fruit tree to your loved ones and earn Sadaqah Jaariyah. R275 per tree, help us reach 500 trees.

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SANZAF Trees Waqf

Climate change patterns and the global financial crisis of the last decade have negatively impacted global food security. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) contends that as many as 204 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa are undernourished.
These adverse conditions leave many ordinary South Africans struggling to meet their basic needs. Inadequate food and poor nutrition in turn leads to stunted development, illness and the inability to work.

In keeping with its mission of changing lives through development and relief, SANZAF embarks on several projects to combat food insecurity. In the Gauteng region SANZAF currently supports two community-based farms. Smallholder farmers, we believe can play an important role in fighting hunger and creating opportunities for employment in South Africa.

Smallholder and subsistence farms can increase food supply in communities, and consequently improve food security and nutrition.

This year SANZAF embarked on a new project in partnership with the Paledi Drop-in centre in Polokwane. The centre runs a community food garden that serves to create opportunities for employment as well as provide high-quality fresh produce to children who attend the Drop-in centre.

Donations to the SANZAF Tree Waqf will be used to plant orange, naartjie, mango, litchie and peach trees at the Paledi Drop-in Centre in Polokwane. Apart from forming a sustainable resource-base for community development, donations are a means of sadaqah jaariyah (perpetual charity) for the donor.

The SANZAF Tree Waqf was established in year as a sustainable resource-base to support Agriculture projects in the Gauteng region. The waqf forms a perpetual endowment, whose earnings are designated for agriculture in South Africa. The waqf system is traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) who advised Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) to pledge a portion of land that he had acquired as a waqf. The land would remain intact, and could not be sold, while its fruits would be given as sadaqah (voluntary charity).

With your support, our tree waqf has grown to support four communities.

Phase 1: February 2019
200 Litchie trees were donated to the Winterveld Muslim Community based in Pretoria for their community orchard & 7 Fruit Trees (Orange,Lemon,Avocado and Peach) were donated to the Kwathema Muslim Community.

Phase 2: May 2019
500 Fruit Trees (340 Pecan nut and 160 Pomegranate) were donated to the Polokwane Muslim Welfare Foundation.

Phase 3: September 2019
Fruit and palm trees to be donated to the Paledi Drop-in Centre community garden

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The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) is pleased to announce the financial results of its year ended 30 April 2019/24 Shabaan 1440.

“We are immensely appreciative of our donors, partners and volunteers whose support allowed SANZAF to forge ahead with our purposeful and structured projects and programmes aimed at providing the enablers to a better future for those battling the challenges of poverty every day”, says Shauket Fakie, SANZAF’s outgoing National Chairperson.

During the reporting period, the organisation reached its 45th year milestone, marked by an encouraging increase in the distribution and expended of total funds collected, from 98% in the previous year to 104%. With over 30.4 million South Africans living in poverty*, this increased distribution is significantly impactful, given the enormity of the task at hand.

The organisation also reported an increase in its collections for the year under review of R137 million of which R98.3 million comprised of Zakah income. Such an increase amidst tough economic conditions, is reflective of the heightened awareness of the plight of the poor and the importance of paying Zakah.

A noteworthy R24 million was disbursed with SANZAF’s Education, Empowerment and Development (SEED) Programme ranging from bursaries for tertiary education to youth development projects.

This past year, SANZAF sadly noted the passing of three stalwarts, Dr Shauket Thokan, Abdool Carrim Gani and Shaykh Yusuf da Costa. These committed members served the organisation with a clarity of purpose that continues to inform our mission and strategic objectives. Such clarity enabled the smooth transition to new leadership as Fayruz Mohamed took the reins as the National Chairperson and Yasmina Francke as the Chief Executive Officer.

“As we look to 2020 and beyond, we remain focussed on our mandate of upholding the 3rd pillar of Islam and continue in our endeavours to exercise the highest level of governance in fulfilling the amaanah entrusted to us. Our focus on operational proficiency will ensure that we continue to effectively serve the community with dignity and compassion”, says Fayruz Mohamed, the new National Chairperson.

The Summarised Annual Review of Activities and Audited Annual Financial Statements for 2019 can be viewed at

* Oxfam Inequality Report 2019

SANZAF Announces Annual Financial Results

The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) is pleased to announce the financial results of its year ended 30 April 2019/24 Shaban 1440.

During the reporting period, the organisation reached its 45th year milestone, marked by an encouraging increase in the distribution and expended of total funds collected, from 98% in the previous year to 104%.

Amidst tough economic conditions, the organisation also reported an increase in its collections for the year under review of R137 millions of which R98.3 million comprised of Zakah income.

A noteworthy R24 million was disbursed with SANZAF’s Education, Empowerment and Development (SEED) Programme ranging from bursaries for tertiary education to youth development projects.

The Summarised Annual Review of Activities and Audited Annual Financial Statements for 2018/2019 (1439/1440) can be viewed here

Audited Annual Financial Statement 2018/2019

Summarised Annual review of Activities and Audited Annual Financial Statement 2019


SANZAF Gives Hope on Mandela Day!


Yesterday SANZAF teams across the country did their part for #MANDELADAY2019.

From Pietermaritzburg to Polokwane, Durban to Cape Town and the small town of Ladysmith!

Blankets, Books, Warm Meals and Gifts were distributed all to #GiveHope to those less fortunate.

To find out more information visit or call 0861 726-923

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3g award

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