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As part of its COVID-19 recovery and relief programming, SANZAF Gauteng aims to assist 30 ECD centres with meals for their learners over the next six months. As a result of the pandemic, these ECD centres have suffered severe economic setbacks, with many centres being unable to meet their monthly food expenses. The groceries will be distributed monthly between October 2020 and March 2021 and includes mielie meal, rice, bread, condiments, viennas, beans, vegetables, and spices.  The learners receive three nutritious meals during the school day; breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Were it not for these meals, many of the children would not get the nutrition they require for healthy development. 

SANZAF believes that through short term relief, and medium-to-long-term recovery programming we can help these ECDs return to normal and focus on their primary mandate – of educating our children. 

Today our team visited the Bazakhula Pre School in Lahae. The school was built in 2009 by SANZAF and opened in 2010. It incorporates a creche, daycare, preschool, and Grade R. 104 learners between 2-5 years old currently attend the school. At Bazakhula and other ECD centres SANZAF focuses on investing in long-term programming to build capacity and sustainability. This includes training for staff, an on-site garden, and fruit trees as well as supporting the centre with resources on an ad hoc basis. 

The principal, Nooran Mohale, welcomed the donation and expressed her gratitude to SANZAF's donors. After experiencing a break-in during the lockdown, where the school's groceries and equipment were stolen, Nooran and her team were struggling to maintain the daily feeding programme. 

You can help us reach our target of supporting 30 ECD centres by donating towards this project. As we say in Zulu, Bambisanani – working together, we can lift each other out of distress.

Call 0118346046 or donate here

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