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The experiences of South African Townships indicate that many social problems arise as a result of poor primary and secondary education in these areas. In low-income households, almost 50% of children under the age of six do not attend any kind of educational facility. At the same time, most ECD (Early Childhood Development) Centres in these communities are poorly resourced, under-staffed and facilities rundown. Studies show that children who attend ECD programmes have a greater chance of succeeding in school. High-quality ECD allows children to perform better - cognitively, emotionally and physically and its impact remains well into adulthood. 

As part of its portfolio of development projects, SANZAF supports various educational activities, including bursaries, skills development programmes, youth development, and ECD. This year SANZAF Gauteng is supporting the Kwalanga ECD Programme, situated in Kwa Thema on the East Rand. The Kwalanga Early Childhood Development Programme was initiated to give children a fighting chance by providing them with high-quality education and a place of safety. It is hoped that through the project these children will go on to succeed in primary and high school. The ECD center will play an important role in reducing the vicious cycle of poverty that plagues this community and will help to create prosperity for the community at large.

The Kwalanga Early Childhood Development Centre opened in 2019 with two teachers and an intake of 30 students in the first phase of the project. Additional classrooms, an office, and a kitchen will be constructed using a system of containers specially designed for ECD centers. Ablution facilities and play equipment will also be procured.

The SANZAF Eduation Waqf was established in 2009 as a sustainable resource-base to support Education projects in the Gauteng region. The waqf forms a perpetual endowment, whose earnings are designated for education in South Africa. The waqf system is traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) who advised Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) to pledge a portion of land that he had acquired as a waqf. The land would remain intact, and could not be sold, while its fruits would be given as sadaqah (voluntary charity).

Donations to the SANZAF Education Waqf are invested into the Waqf Fund, and its returns are disbursed, on an annual basis, to Education projects. Apart from forming a sustainable resource-base for community development, donations are a means of sadaqah jaariyah (perpetual charity) for the donor. 

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