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In recent years global water resources have come under strain due to climate change and changes in rainfall patterns. In South Africa drought has resulted in water shortages and an increase in the cost of water.

In keeping with its mission of changing lives through development and relief, SANZAF embarks on various water projects to make communities more self-reliant. Boreholes, we believe, can play an important role in harnessing untapped water resources in South Africa. Boreholes are an environmentally friendly method of accessing inactive water underneath the earth’s surface that would otherwise go unused.

This year SANZAF is embarking on four new borehole projects to benefit several communities around South Africa. The boreholes will be constructed in Phoenix in KwaZulu-Natal, Strand in the Western Cape, Kwanabuthle in the Eastern Cape and KwaThema in Gauteng. The boreholes are being constructed at Islamic centres and Masjids and will hopefully enable these centres to have permanent and reliable water sources InshaAllah. These boreholes will also save these centres the burden and expensive of municipal water.

The SANZAF Water Waqf was established in 2009 as a sustainable resource-base to support Water Security projects. The waqf forms a perpetual endowment, whose earnings are designated for Water projects in South Africa. The waqf system is traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who encouraged Uthman (RA) to purchase a water well in Madina and offer it as a gift to the residents who were previously purchasing it. The water well would remain intact, and could not be sold, while the water itself would be given as Sadaqah (voluntary charity).

SANZAF offeres two water waqf programmes. The first is where a water well is dug almost immediately after the donation, typically R9,500 per water well (generally in Malawi). The second programme seeks to collect substantially more funds, up to R150,000, for the boring and establishment of a borehole in South Africa. In the latter case, unless a sufficient funds are donated at once, smaller amounts of donations are pooled until sufficient is collected.
Apart from forming a sustainable resource-base for community development, donations are a means of sadaqah jaariyah (perpetual charity) for the donor.

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