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18 July 2019 / 15 Dhil Qaida 1440
Nisáb = R5266.30
Silver = R8.60/g (R267.34/oz)
Gold = R731.14 /g (R19 744.90/oz)

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What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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Africa Qurbani (Mozambique and Malawi)

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Africa Qurbani (Mozambique and Malawi)

I/We make a Niyyah for Qurbani in Moz/Malawi, inclusive is a R15 contribution, per animal, towards MASJID WAQF

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