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11 December 2019 / 14 Rabi-ul-Akhir 1441
Nisáb = R5958.26
Silver = R09.73/g (R302.61/oz)
Gold = R804.63 /g (R21,732.73/oz)

Prices & Calculations include VAT

What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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The SANZAF EDUCATION WAQF BOOK DRIVE aims to make reading books available to children in the Paledi Village in Polokwane.

To date, SANZAF has sponsored 170 books to the Paledi Drop-in Centre (PDC). Apart from receiving a healthy meal and help with their homework, the 80 children who attend the centre daily are now able to benefit from the library’s resources.

While SANZAF is pleased with the launch of the library, our long-term aim is to develop the project into a fully-fledged library. This includes purchasing additional books, research material, and other library resources. Reading has the power to help children develop their language and listening skills and stimulates their imagination. Younger children, who cannot read by themselves, benefit from being read to by adults or older children.

Phase 1: 120 books were donated to the library in July 2019.

Phase 2: 30 books were donated to the library in August 2019.

Phase 3: 20 books were donated to the library in September 2019.

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