icon1With 25% of the South African population being unemployed, government holds that entrepreneurship is one of the most important activities in our developing economy. Through entrepreneurship, adventurous South Africans are able to create new value, new wealth and of course, new jobs. In addition, only a small percentage of South Africans are able to pursue Higher Education due to limited seats at universities, economic factors and not having matriculated. This is where Sanzaf’s Entrepreneurship Training Course comes in. Sanzaf offers a completely free 4-week training course in Johannesburg for those wanting to become Entrepreneurs or those wanting to acquire some of the skills required for Entrepreneurship. The objective is that students completing this course will go on to start their own businesses, or grow their current business such that they become financially independent. With small of classes of eight to 15 students, and both practical and theoretical training; our SETA-accredited course is a unique opportunity. Students cover nine modules, with those meeting the requirements achieving an NQF level one certificate. In the final module students work on their own business plans which they present to a panel of judges who give them feedback on the quality and feasibility of their business ideas. To date, SANZAF has trained over 250 students, helping them to start their own businesses, acquire start-up funding and become independent.

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