icon3We’ve all head the saying, “Give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” This is precisely the objective behind SANZAF’s Skills Development Programme. With overall unemployment in South Africa sitting at 25%
and 49% of South Africans living on R25 or less per day, giving people new skills is key in working towards a brighter future for the poor. The Skills Development Programme focuses largely on non-matriculants who are seeking practical skills to enhance their employability. To qualify for the programme, applicants must be eligible to receive Zakah, must demonstrate the job scope for the particular skill and be studying, or intending to study, at a recognised institution. There is no fixed duration for the programme, with funding depending largely on the skill sought and the institutional offering. Students must submit their results for every level - demonstrating satisfactory performance - before successive funding can be approved. For 2018 SANZAF has 40 students registered in their skills development programme, with these students working towards careers in ECD, welding, civil engineering, hospitality and catering, beauty therapy and auxiliary social work. Amina, a SANZAF employee, fondly remembers a past student; “She took a course in auto-engineering and started working in her yard doing car repairs. A few months later, she found employment at a large car manufacturing company. She is proof that the condition you find yourself in today, is not permanent, and that with determination you can succeed.”

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