Youth Leadership Programme

icon6Young people in today’s schools will be the next generation of leaders and change-makers in the workplace, in our communities and in their families.  Youth development programmes help students in the transition to adulthood, allows them to build character and to become responsible and socially conscious citizens. SANZAF’s Youth Development Programme inspires young leaders to take responsibility for their own development. It encourages them to develop a positive attitude, develop leadership skills and embrace a mindset of lifelong learning and excellence.  Those participating in the programme see positive changes in their social, academic and personal lives. In 2018 SANZAF’s Youth Leadership Programme served the RCL (Representative Council of Learners) teams of 14 schools across Gauteng. 550 high school students undertook an eight-session course, spanning eight months. It is evident from the number of non-RCL learners wishing to join the programme, that the demand for such youth leadership programmes is vast and largely unmet. Learners are not only supported through the programme but also in the longer term. They are provided with valuable resources as well as an “open door” for guidance and support. Amirrah Mathabela, one of the programme’s alumni, went on to volunteer as a supporting facilitator after matriculating in 2006. She is currently completing her internship with the programme, which will enable her to take the role of a lead facilitator. In addition, she plans to study towards a degree in psychology next year at the University of North West. It is the successes of learners like Amirrah that motivates our work and ensures a strong and diverse base of future leaders for the community.

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