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13 November 2019 / 16 Rabi-ul-Awwal 1441
Nisáb = R5837.30
Silver = R09.53/g (R296.49/oz)
Gold = R813.65 /g (R25,307.38/oz)

Prices & Calculations include VAT

What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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As the festive season unfolds, dress codes and diets are bound to change in accordance with the celebrations that are always associated with the summer seasons. Unfortunately those who are less fortunate do not enjoy this privilege. The Sanzaf office in Port Elizabeth made a generous donation to the Tharros Child & Youth Care Centre on 14 December 2018. The Tharros Care Centre is a NPO dedicated to providing care and child development services to abandoned and destitute children between one and 12 years of age. This organisation is based in Hanky and has been providing a conducive environment for childhood development to underprivileged children for two years.

Theresa Sampson who is the founder of the Child Care Centre contact the Sanzaf office in Port Elizabeth for assistance towards clothing and food for the children residing in the Child Care Centre. On 14 December 2018 the Sanzaf office delivered clothes, bedding material and food parcels at the Care Centre. The items donated by Sanzaf will ensure that the Children who are living under the Care of the Tharros Centre are well fed and clothed while they remain in an environment that is conducive for childhood development.

This donation is part of various other initiatives the Sanzaf Office in Port Elizabeth conducts contributing towards the advancement of childhood development.IMG 20181214 100313IMG 20181214 100315IMG 20181214 101052

The Department of Social Development has published several reports which characterise the Eastern Cape as the second province with high rates of food insecurity in the Country. Various welfare organisations and NPO`s strive to provide assistance to communities which are affected by food insecurity to help overcome this situation.

For over thirty years the Sanzaf office in Port Elizabeth has been providing groceries to its recipients on a monthly basis in an effort to eradicate food insecurity. Recipients who benefit from this initiative are from low income households therefore they struggle to support themselves and their families with sufficient groceries that can sustain them for a month period. Predominantly pensioners and recipients with health challenges benefit from this initiative. On the 4th and 5th of December 2018 the Sanzaf office in Port Elizabeth distributed 45 food parcels to recipients residing Port Elizabeth.

The food hampers will assist the recipients and their families with adequate food supply for the rest of the festive season. The Sanzaf office in Port Elizabeth supports 105 recipients with food hampers in PE and Uitenhage. The areas where recipients who benefit from this initiative come include Arcadia, Missionvale, Bloemendal and Jacksonville.

Through support from current and prospective donors the Sanzaf office in PE aims to sustain this initiative to ensure that recipients from low income households receive adequate food supply.

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Jalsah is a special occasion which is meant to appreciate the hard work and dedication Islamic children have displayed though out the year in terms of attendance and fulfilling the duties prescribed for them in their respective Madressahs. This event is hosted annually in celebration of the children`s commitment to their education.

On 25 November 2018 the Sanzaf in conjunction with the Marikana Islamic Resource Centre/Madressah hosted a Jalsah for all the children attending the Madressah. The Marikana Islamic Resource Centre is a Madressah based in Marikana Port Elisabeth it is one of the five Madressahs supported by the Sanzaf office in PE. The Madressah serves 40 children from Marikana and other neighbouring locations. Sanzaf distributed 40 new clothing items such as brand new shoes, kurtas, Jubbahs for girls and boys attending the Marikana Resource Centre.

Various research reports reveal that, the healthcare system of the Eastern Cape Province has been teetering on the edge of complete collapse for years. Horror stories abound of dysfunctional hospitals, run down clinics, over stretched nurses, medicine shortages and ambulances that never arrive. The healthcare system is not functioning in a way that is ordinarily understood as operational all at the expense of people’s rights, dignity and lives.

The most disadvantaged members of our communities are the ones who suffer the most from the above conditions. SANZAF initiated a Health & Wellness Day a few years ago and this has spurred a number of other similar initiates which SANZAF now partners or participates in , namely the Al Ansaar Health Clinic in Bell Road and the recent My Youth Community Project which invited SANZAF to bring a number of our beneficiaries to receive the free healthcare services which were rendered at this event. This initiative was held in conjunction with the provincial department of public health, Clicks Pharmacy, Smile – Hub dental surgery, Path care, Diabetes South Africa and various other local health care service providers to host the Public Medical Day. The health clinic at the Malabar community Centre from 09.00am until Medical practitioners from the Nelson Mandela Metro voluntarily provided their professional services to members of the community who struggle to access quality health care service. As a result of the overburdened health system and long delays at public health facilities a number of residents do not always have access to such health facilities.

The health practitioners involved in the Public Health Day rendered free medical checkups for various illnesses such as tests for sugar, blood, cholesterol, vision and hypertension. Other health services that were provided to the community members were advice on weight loss, pain management and free medicine. Medical professionals who took part in this initiative ranged from GP`s, Dentists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and homeopaths.

Sanzaf invited 70 of its recipients to benefit from the various health care services provided at the Public Health Day event. The beneficiaries invited by Sanzaf to this initiative were all residents of the Nelson Mandela Metro’s Kwazakhele, Motherwell, New Brighton areas as well as some of the learners from the Universal Islamic Cultural Trust’s (UICT) Madressah.

Sanzaf through it’s collaboration with various organisation and It’s own initiatives ensures access to such Public Medical initiatives takes place annually, ensuring that residents from under resourced communities are not denied the basic right of access to quality health care.