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07 January 2020 / 11 Jamad-Ul-Awwal 1441
Nisáb = R6270.57
Silver = R10.24/g (R318.57/oz)
Gold = R834.86 /g (R22,550.05/oz)

Prices & Calculations include VAT

What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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Western Cape & Boland

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The women’s madrassah in Belhar was established by SANZAF over 5 years ago and is open to all women for free. SANZAF sponsors the entire madrassah along with wages for our dedicated teachers who see to educating between 80 – 100 students.

On Monday the 2nd of December 2019, the madrassah held their 9th Jalsa honouring their 8 muallimaat who have qualified this year with a 4yr degree in higher Islamic knowledge.

This initiative has also led SANZAF to establishing the first female hifth school in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

It is only through your generosity and the grace of Allah (swt) that we are able to implement projects and programmes aimed at enriching Deed in our communities. We thank you for your support.

To find out more information on this amazing initiative call  0214470297 Or Donate Here

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Women are considered to be pioneers in whatever they do. They are of importance to a sustainable development and the virtue of life, within a family. Taking in consideration of the role that women play in our lives, SANZAF hosted a, Ladies Tea, to commemorate women, during women’s month. This event took place on Saturday, 24 August, at 105 Mabel road, Rylands, Ghousia Manzil Hall.

In this day and age, women suffer through the most horrid situations. Women are losing their value, and stance within the society, and are constant targets of ill treatment and misfortune. SANZAF took it upon themselves, to uplift and empower women from all walks of life, and to gain back their entitlement and respect, through this women’s’ event

Every year SANZAF hosts their annual Ladies Tea Event, that aims to enrich and inspire women of all ages. The event included motivational speakers, a pampering session, lunch and a special gift, that guests received at the end of the event. This year, the ladies Tea had speakers namely, Yasmina Francke, Aneesa Rylands, Mualimah Zuleikha Mbambo, Siyaam Adams and Jehaan Cloete.

‘When you uplift a woman, you uplift a nation’, Fayruz Mohamed, SANZAF National Chairperson welcomed the guests, with a few motivational words. She spoke briefly on the importance of the event and why SANZAF initiated a women’s tea, during women’s month.

Yasmina Francke, SANZAF CEO, enlightened the guests of their role as women in today’s society. She spoke exquisitely about the significance of women, globally.
Aneesa Rylands, the project coordinator of the women’s empowerment programmes, spoke on behalf of SANZAF.

Mualimah Zuleikha Mbambo, spoke about her journey as a converted Muslim. She mentioned what drove her to converting to Islam, and how Islam opened up her mindset and her outlook in life.

‘The Super Women book was designed to support, share, motivate and empower women’. Siyaam Adams and Jehaan Cloete, are the co-founders of the book, Super Women. Siyaam, outlined their book, in order to inspire and motivate, the guests.

Thereafter a pamper session was given to the guests, by the She ‘Zen team. The women received hand treatments, manicures and pedicures. After the session, a vote of thanks was given by one of VOC’s radio presenters, Ayesha Laatoe.

‘Honestly. I am glad that I bought a ticket, I will definitely be walking away feeling uplifted’, one of the guests expressed, after attending the event. Here’s to another year of empowerment and enrichment brought to women by SANZAF.

On Wednesday the 27th November SANZAF Mentoring Youth students and volunteers came together to clean up Muizenberg Beach and surrounding areas in the Western cape.

The initiative was to educate the youth on the importance of environmental matters and recycling while also providing constructive activities for them to participate in during the holidays.

The majority of the students are participants in the SANZAF Mentoring Youth Programme which is aimed at assisting scholars to refine their life skills, and to improve their academic performance.

The project is open to students of all faiths and backgrounds. It delivers academic and social support to primary and secondary school learners through extra tuition and social development activities. This initiative has proven to be a highly successful in the Western Cape having grown from 311 learners in 2015 to 1740 learners from 23 schools in the past financial year. In addition 105 dedicated volunteer facilitators contribute their time and attendance and grades are monitored to ensure consistency and learner progress.

To find out more or to contribute to this project call 021 447 0297 or Donate Here

On Tuesday 10th of September 2019, SANZAF hosted a wellness day for the elderly and welfare recipients at their Bridgetown Office in Cape town. Over 40 individuals received blood sugar tests, blood pressure checks and foot care treatments. Most importantly attendees received advice and health education from medical professionals.

Advocacy programmes like this are part of SANZAF’s commitment to the assisting the elderly who are too often forgotten in our communities.

For more information or to find out how you can get involved, call us on 021 6378 5108 or email


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By Jameelah Ebrahim

As we approach a new Islamic year, Muharram being a month of giving, SANZAF initiated an event for the madrassa children, which falls under SANZAF’s feeding scheme. The children’s event included many fun activities and food was provided. This event took place on 15 Sunday, at 9 Shelley Road, Salt River.

Children are considered to be a great blessing, within the eyes of The Almighty. Through their innocence one can easily mold them into becoming righteous leaders, in the near future, which is one of the very reasons for establishing this event. “The aim of this event is to teach children how to share and play together. Child play is actually more important now, as we came to realize, that children generally tend to not play lately. For this reason, we believe that this is a good advent to let them just run on the field and be normal kids”, says Aneesa Rylands, project coordinator at SANZAF.

The event was initiated for children that come from underprivileged backgrounds. Therefore, SANZAF invited all the madrassas that form part of their feeding schemes, to come and enjoy a day filled with fun and laughter. This children’s event started at 9 am and ended off after lunch at 2pm. Jumping castles, popcorn and candy floss stands were set up as well as face painting sessions. Various obstacle courses were set out with games including, tug of war, egg and potato races, sack races, and many more; followed by a mini soccer tournament and tennis games. “The children were running around and were having a joyous time, playing all sorts of games, that were provided”, says one of the sponsors that contributed to this event.

The past Sunday brought about laughter and smiles on each and every child that attended. Children left the event with great lessons that were taught and the exciting moments that they shared with one another.