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Women are considered to be pioneers in whatever they do. They are of importance to a sustainable development and the virtue of life, within a family. Taking in consideration of the role that women play in our lives, SANZAF hosted a, Ladies Tea, to commemorate women, during women’s month. This event took place on Saturday, 24 August, at 105 Mabel road, Rylands, Ghousia Manzil Hall.

In this day and age, women suffer through the most horrid situations. Women are losing their value, and stance within the society, and are constant targets of ill treatment and misfortune. SANZAF took it upon themselves, to uplift and empower women from all walks of life, and to gain back their entitlement and respect, through this women’s’ event

Every year SANZAF hosts their annual Ladies Tea Event, that aims to enrich and inspire women of all ages. The event included motivational speakers, a pampering session, lunch and a special gift, that guests received at the end of the event. This year, the ladies Tea had speakers namely, Yasmina Francke, Aneesa Rylands, Mualimah Zuleikha Mbambo, Siyaam Adams and Jehaan Cloete.

‘When you uplift a woman, you uplift a nation’, Fayruz Mohamed, SANZAF National Chairperson welcomed the guests, with a few motivational words. She spoke briefly on the importance of the event and why SANZAF initiated a women’s tea, during women’s month.

Yasmina Francke, SANZAF CEO, enlightened the guests of their role as women in today’s society. She spoke exquisitely about the significance of women, globally.
Aneesa Rylands, the project coordinator of the women’s empowerment programmes, spoke on behalf of SANZAF.

Mualimah Zuleikha Mbambo, spoke about her journey as a converted Muslim. She mentioned what drove her to converting to Islam, and how Islam opened up her mindset and her outlook in life.

‘The Super Women book was designed to support, share, motivate and empower women’. Siyaam Adams and Jehaan Cloete, are the co-founders of the book, Super Women. Siyaam, outlined their book, in order to inspire and motivate, the guests.

Thereafter a pamper session was given to the guests, by the She ‘Zen team. The women received hand treatments, manicures and pedicures. After the session, a vote of thanks was given by one of VOC’s radio presenters, Ayesha Laatoe.

‘Honestly. I am glad that I bought a ticket, I will definitely be walking away feeling uplifted’, one of the guests expressed, after attending the event. Here’s to another year of empowerment and enrichment brought to women by SANZAF.

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