Zakah App


SANZAF's MyZakah App is a revolutionary tool designed to simplify the calculation of Zakah (Islamic obligatory charity) with accuracy and ease. Through real-time updates and precise calculations, this app ensures alignment with your religious duties while making a positive societal impact.

Acknowledging Zakah's significance as a pillar of Islam and a means of wealth purification, MyZakah offers an intuitive platform to streamline the complex calculations required for determining your Zakah amount. Our aim is to empower individuals to confidently fulfill their Zakah obligations with precision.

Key Features:

Real-time Nisab Updates: Stay informed about the current Nisab value, the minimum wealth threshold for Zakah eligibility. MyZakah's intelligent algorithms refresh the Nisab value daily, guaranteeing calculations based on the latest data.

Accurate and Transparent Calculations: By entering financial details such as cash, investments, properties, and debts, MyZakah accurately computes your Zakah amount. Advanced algorithms factor in asset types, debts, and exemptions, delivering precise Zakah calculations.

Personalized Profiles: Create a secure personalized profile on MyZakah to manage financial information. Regularly update assets and debts to track Zakah progress year-round. The app's history log enables review and comparison of Zakah calculations over time.

Educational Resources: Beyond calculations, MyZakah offers educational content like articles, videos, and FAQs. Enhance understanding of Zakah principles as knowledge empowers confident fulfillment of obligations.

Privacy and Security: MyZakah prioritizes privacy with stringent measures to encrypt and securely store personal and financial data. Your information remains confidential, with no sharing to third parties without consent.

Accessibility and Convenience: Downloadable on iOS and Android devices, MyZakah provides easy access whenever needed. Its user-friendly design caters to various tech levels, ensuring effectiveness for all users.

SANZAF Support: Supported by trusted charitable organization SANZAF, MyZakah App offers reliable assistance for Zakah calculations and app functionality inquiries.

Empower yourself to fulfill Zakah duties accurately. Join others who've embraced MyZakah App's innovation. Experience peace of mind with precision real-time Zakah calculations.

Download MyZakah App now on Apple IStore and Google Playstore to confidently fulfill religious obligations. Together, let's contribute to societal improvement through precise Zakah calculations.