The World Zakah Forum was established as a platform to formulate effective solutions to the multi-faceted issues facing the Islamic World such as effective collection and distribution of Zakah, socio-economic development in Muslim communities and the empowering of the Ummah around the world. Between the 5th and 7th of December 2018, the World Zakah Forum hosted their latest International Conference in Melaka, Malaysia

The conference played host to 300 attendees including 31 speakers from 16 countries, including England, Nigeria and India. SANZAF was proud to have our Chief Executive Officer, Yasmina Francke, represent South Africa on the world stage as one of the speakers. In addition to discussing the practices and environment that the South African National Zakah Fund operates in, our CEO presented on how Zakah can be aligned to achieve some of the sustainable goals set by the United Nations to be achieved by 20130.

This opportunity also allowed her to not only gain an international perspective and insight into the Zakah management practices and principles which she brought home but also gauge SANZAF on a world platform in respect of how the organisation’s approach, methodologies and even challenges compares to international best practices.

The Conference discussed various contemporary and updated topics on global zakat development. It was noted the growing role of Zakah plays in solving global poverty and inequality, and proposed new approaches utilizing the third pillar of Islam.

Based on the two-day discussions, a few of the outcomes of the World Zakah Forum were:

  • The philosophy and core values of Zakah should be strictly observed in increasing the welfare of Ummah.
  • Zakat should be considered as a complementary financial resource in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The World Zakah Forum calls on all its members to adopt Zakah as a critical policy instrument in socio-economic development in their respective countries.
  • Zakah centred organisations should be required to be transparent and accountable in publishing their reports to the public.
  • The World Zakah Forum reiterates its willingness to cooperate with developing countries in combating poverty through blended financing of Zakah and donation of the respective developing countries.

This memorable occasion is testament to SANZAF’s commitment to leading the way in efficient, relevant and effective Zakah collection and distribution.

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