With SANZAF you can gift a fruit tree to your loved ones and earn Sadaqah Jaariyah. R275 per tree, help us reach 500 trees.

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SANZAF Trees Waqf

Climate change patterns and the global financial crisis of the last decade have negatively impacted global food security. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) contends that as many as 204 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa are undernourished.
These adverse conditions leave many ordinary South Africans struggling to meet their basic needs. Inadequate food and poor nutrition in turn leads to stunted development, illness and the inability to work.

In keeping with its mission of changing lives through development and relief, SANZAF embarks on several projects to combat food insecurity. In the Gauteng region SANZAF currently supports two community-based farms. Smallholder farmers, we believe can play an important role in fighting hunger and creating opportunities for employment in South Africa.

Smallholder and subsistence farms can increase food supply in communities, and consequently improve food security and nutrition.

This year SANZAF embarked on a new project in partnership with the Paledi Drop-in centre in Polokwane. The centre runs a community food garden that serves to create opportunities for employment as well as provide high-quality fresh produce to children who attend the Drop-in centre.

Donations to the SANZAF Tree Waqf will be used to plant orange, naartjie, mango, litchie and peach trees at the Paledi Drop-in Centre in Polokwane. Apart from forming a sustainable resource-base for community development, donations are a means of sadaqah jaariyah (perpetual charity) for the donor.

The SANZAF Tree Waqf was established in year as a sustainable resource-base to support Agriculture projects in the Gauteng region. The waqf forms a perpetual endowment, whose earnings are designated for agriculture in South Africa. The waqf system is traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) who advised Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) to pledge a portion of land that he had acquired as a waqf. The land would remain intact, and could not be sold, while its fruits would be given as sadaqah (voluntary charity).

With your support, our tree waqf has grown to support four communities.

Phase 1: February 2019
200 Litchie trees were donated to the Winterveld Muslim Community based in Pretoria for their community orchard & 7 Fruit Trees (Orange,Lemon,Avocado and Peach) were donated to the Kwathema Muslim Community.

Phase 2: May 2019
500 Fruit Trees (340 Pecan nut and 160 Pomegranate) were donated to the Polokwane Muslim Welfare Foundation.

Phase 3: September 2019
Fruit and palm trees to be donated to the Paledi Drop-in Centre community garden

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