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Daily Nisaab Prices

14 January 2021 / 22 Jamaad Ul-Awwal, 1442

Nisáb = R8 695,85
Silver = R14,20g (R441,69oz)
Gold = R1 040,61g (R32 366,54/oz)

Prices & Calculations include VAT

What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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Daily Nisaab

The Skills development programmes ( Sewing classes & Computer Course ) is aimed at Empowering Women facing extreme challenges, including lack of Education, Unemployment, lack of Basic Essentials ( most living in informal settlements & backyard shacks ).

As majority of these disadvantaged ladies lack any form of experience, their chances of finding employment are dim. Most are dependent on SASSA grants and the minimal wages their husbands earn, which that to has been compromised due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some being retrenched or their working hours reduced. For the majority, their small businesses have been hugely affected.

The Launch of these programs was aimed at restoring a sense of HOPE for this vulnerable sector within our community. The presentation focused on Awakening our creativity as Women / Mothers, to remind us of the important role and value we can add in our homes & community. In obtaining the skills we will be empowering ourselves and contributing to our households while supporting our spouses allowing them the quality time for Ibaadat, Alhamdulillah.

As the safety risks increase for women and children, the aim is to allow women to become self -sufficient / contributors while working from home. Children will be afforded the privilege of being attended to after school by their mothers instead of whoever is available within the community.

Sewing course is 6 weeks, from the 16th Nov to the 22 Dec, Mon to Thurs 09.00 to 13.00.

Computer course for 4 weeks from the 16th Nov to 10th Dec, Mon to Thurs 09.00 to 13.00

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