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25 May 2020 / 1 Shawwal 1441
Nisáb = R6 855.45
Silver = R11.20g (R348.21oz)
Gold = R1 130.46g (R35 161.14/oz)

Prices & Calculations include VAT

What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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Latest News
24 May 2020

SANZAF and Al baraka partner for Zakah Calculator App

Al Baraka Bank SA has partnered with SANZAF regarding the SANZAF MyZakah App available on Android and ios.

Al Baraka is sponsoring a R5000 tax free investment to one lucky person on eid day.

Click on image below and follow steps to enter or make any donation via the app and automatically be entered in the competition.

Terms and conditions apply

IMG 20200524 WA0064

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Latest News
19 May 2020

Pay Your Fitrah and Make an Impact

This year, with your help SANZAF will provide over 24 000 families with Fitrah hampers before the day of EID. In addition you could give a little more and use your Fitrah to purchase a whole hamper for R300.

In addition over 100 000 meals have been served to date in Ramadan. We urge you to act to make an impact this Ramadan, Pay your Zakah, Fitrah and Fidyah safely and securely online.

Click Here to pay your Fitrah Pay Here

Click here to pay your Fitrah by sponsoring a Fitrah hamper for a needy family for Eid Pay Here

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Latest News
19 May 2020

9 things you can do on Laylatul Qadr

  1. Focus on Ibadah
    Take a break from worldly matters and focus on prayer. Stay awake at night to do extra Ibadah.

  2. Plan your Ibadah
    Plan what Duas, salah etc. you will be reading.

  1. Make this special Dua
    Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, said: I asked the Messenger of Allah: 'O Messenger of Allah, if I know what night is the night of Qadr, what should I say during it?' He said: 'Say: O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.' "(Ahmad, Ibn Majah, and Tirmidhi).
    The transliteration of this Dua is "Allahumma innaka `afuwwun tuhibbul `afwa fa`fu `annee"

  1. Recite the Quran
    Recite as much Quran as possible or recite your favourite Surahs

  1. Reflect on the meaning of the Quran
    If you have time, choose your favourite Surahs and read their translation and Tafseer. Then think deeply about their meaning and how it affects you on a personal level.

  1. Make a personal Dua list.
    Ask yourself what you really want from Allah. Make a list of each and everything, no matter how small or how big it is, whether it deals with this world or not.

  1. Make long, sincere and deep Duas
    Make Dua with sincerity and conviction, one of the best times to do this is during the last part of the night.

  2. Connect with family and ask for forgiveness
    This is very important and might have to be done using available technology due to our current circumstances

  1. Plan for the next year
    Once you've done a self-evaluation, you can plan on where you want to go, at least in the next 12 months.
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16 May 2020

Make an Impact WITH SANZAF Durban

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Latest News
11 May 2020

Kia motors donates 6 vehicles to SANZAF to in support of relief and welfare services

7 May 2020 – KIA Motors South Africa, a subsidiary of Motus Corporation, this week donated three KIA K2700 light commercial vehicles and three KIA Picanto STARTs to SANZAF to assist the organisation in delivering food and other welfare support services to vulnerable communities during the Covid-19 Lockdown. 

Gary Scott, KIA Motors South Africa commented,  “When the need is overwhelming and urgent, the best way to approach the problem is through a well coordinated plan and a network of committed people." He added, “It is through coordination, commitment and passion that SANZAF has achieved this, month after month, for the past 45 years. We are honoured to donate vehicles that will make this task easier.”

For full press release click on link below:
pdf SANZAF KIA Donation Press Release (257 KB)

IMG 20200509 WA0057IMG 20200509 WA0057IMG 20200509 WA0057IMG 20200509 WA0057IMG 20200509 WA0057IMG 20200509 WA0057

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Latest News
08 May 2020



Fitrah Shafi

Fidyah Shafi

Fitrah Hanafi

Fidyah Hanafi


R28.00 ***

R7.00 ***

R22.00 ***

R22.00 ***

East London

R40.00 *

R10.00 *


R25.00 ****


R28.00 **

R 7.00 **

R22.00 **

R22.00 **


R40.00 *

R10.00 *

R22.00 **

R22.00 **


R28.00 ***

R7.00 ***

R20.00 ***

R20.00 ***


R27.00 ***

R7.00 ***

R20.00 ***

R20.00 ***


R40.00 *

R10.00 *


R25.00 ****


R40.00 *

R10.00 *

R22.00 **

R22.00 **


References / Source:

*Muslim Judicial Council - WC

**Jamiatul Ulema – Gauteng

***Jamiatul Ulema – Durban

**** United Ulema Council – EC

Your Fitrah will allow us to distribute over 24 000 Fitrah hampers benefitting over 80 000 individuals before the day of Eid.

Click Here to pay your Fitrah Pay Here

Click here to pay your Fitrah by sponsoring a Fitrah hamper for a needy family for R300 Pay Here

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Latest News
02 May 2020

SANZAF starts movement to battle poverty and make a difference

SINCE 2018, SANZAF through its concept of Amal, or #GIVEHOPE, has positioned itself to help us understand the goal of welfare, which is actively transforming people’s lives through development and relief. It is a much-misunderstood concept in this day and age of social media, quick-fix solutions and instant gratification.

Effective social responsibility, or relief work, has moved on from blindly throwing money at problems, or “poverty porn” to induce guilty donations, to a more responsible and sustainable model of action – which involves the donor as much as the agency in terms of accountability.

SANZAF’s track record in this regard reflects targeted interventions – in other words, sustainable projects with set objectives, which offer dignity and hope.

For example, last year SANZAF’s Education Empowerment and Development Programme (SEED) invested over R20 million to help Early Childhood Development institutions and to enable tertiary level students to complete their studies.

SANZAF’s on the ground impact is also measured by the fact that on average 100 welfare cases are dealt with nationwide on a daily basis. This provides much-needed relief to the most vulnerable in our society, acting as a bulwark against poverty.

By working hard, SANZAF’s capacity to deal with immediate emergencies, such as COVID-19, has already seen over R4 million in aid rolled out to the less fortunate, the elderly and the sick through co-ordinated efforts with local organisations and municipalities. This work will continue during the crisis.

Having used #GIVEHOPE as its central motif for the past two years, SANZAF has decided to take this central theme one step further. This is because hope, the lifting of the human spirit, is brought into fruition by action.

According to SANZAF CEO, Yasmina Francke, the next critical point of action is impact – the focus on the delivery of goals and objectives, and how effectively one does it.

“We ask ourselves what transformations we engineer in terms of our challenges. We ask how impactful social interventions can make a difference. It is impact that flows from hope. It is impact that creates confidence something is going to happen,” she said.

“For this reason, we have decided, after much discussion and consultation, that IMPACT will be our SANZAF slogan going forward. Hope is a call to action and we have discovered that the word ‘impact’ conveniently contains the words ‘I act’ within it.

“Therefore, we have coined the term, ‘I Act to Make an Impact’, something which is critical to the process of delivery.”

Francke also said that ‘I Act to Make an Impact’ was targeted at engendering a healthy climate of activism and volunteerism, especially for young people, the agents of social transformation. She said that SANZAF was hoping to mobilise the youth to take up the baton of ‘I Act to Make an Impact’ nationwide, and that it wold be identifiable on the website, posters and social media with its green backgrounds and distinctive font.

She also made an appeal for all Muslims to support SANZAF during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. “Last year we fed over 100,000 people, and with the current challenges we are facing, we would love to be able to make an even greater impact than last year,” she said.


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Latest News
01 May 2020

Latest Western Cape Updates

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AMAL (Hope)
You can make a financial difference for those in need and give them HOPE.
[hohp] noun, verb

The true foundation of hope is the good that we do in this life.
(see also: ‘believe’, ‘courage’, ‘I can do this’)
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